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  • Latest News: Click photos to enlarge

  • August 20, 2014 Trails maps now on Google. Click HERE
  • March 2013

Kincardine Trails Moving Forward
Inverhuron Bound
To see our PowerPoint presentation to Kincardine council  click HERE (.pdf file )

  • Dec. 22, 2012 - All in all it's been a great 'feel good' year on the Kincardine trails system! Great namely because of:
    • many outstanding projects came to fruition,
    • NEW volunteers joined the group,
    • a long awaited NEW permanent bridge has been installed that enables the trails to be a truly 4 season system,
    •
  • Oct 21, 2012 - The Grand Opening of the South Penetangore Bridge


  • August 20, 2012 - New Green Trail Steps. For those of you that have entered the trail system of the north end of Fraser Drive you will have noted that it you immediately turn left/west that there is a steep slope down to the lower Green Trail. Not any more thanks to the efforts of Jamie Hunsburger and Lloyd Phillips as they have installed a set of steps from top to bottom!  I had some visitors form Alberta out on the trails yesterday and made a point of taking them to view the new stairway and must comment that they look EXCELLENT and they will no doubt be much safer to use, especially after a rain.

    Well done lads!!
    Brad Kirkconnell.
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Click here to take survey...The Kincardine Trails Association is undertaking the ambitious task of creating a “walking and cycling trail” that connects Kincardine to Inverhuron

Our trails are more than a healthy life-style choice. They represent the very meaning of Kincardine’s slogan: Great energy/balanced life.

By using approved environmental practices and building public awareness among Kincardine residents and visitors, it is the goal of the Kincardine Trail Association (KTA) to continue developing a sustainable trail system that links our beautiful public parks and open spaces with improved access for all and helpful loops in key spots.

KTA volunteers have already developed 22 kilometers of sustainable trails since 2001, focusing first on the Town of Kincardine. Now we are moving on from Kincardine to Inverhuron Park. By Phase III, we will have fabulous trails from Kincardine, along the former CN rail line, all the way to the municipality’s northern boundary.

There are five trails in Kincardine. Trail SignClick the navigation bar at top for trail description with photos.

Numbers in small boxes on the maps represent the location of signs on trees or posts
i.e. B16 = Blue Trail, location #16

To volunteer or obtain further info on trails, contact:
Brad Kirkconnell – KTA Chair
519 396-8028